Martin Elected to S.C. State House

NEWBERRY, S.C.–On Election night, Nov. 8, Republican businessman Rick Martin was elected to represent Newberry County in the South Carolina House of Representatives. Martin won with nearly 59% of the vote, becoming the first Republican to be elected to the District 40 seat.

Martin addressed supporters at a watch party in Prosperity on Tuesday night, saying “this victory doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to you. You made this happen.”

The final count awarded Martin 9,714 votes, which allowed him to carry 21 of 30 county precincts. Martin’s opponent, Democrat Carlton Kinard, received 6,801 votes.


Contest results map. Source: South Carolina Election Commission

When Martin’s term of office begins on Nov. 14, he will succeed long-time Representative Walt McLeod (D), who, after nearly twenty years of service in that office, announced his retirement last October. Martin resides in Newberry with his wife, Fran, their four daughters and one foster child.