Martin Files For Re-Election

rick filing 2018

NEWBERRY — Within the first two hours of candidate filing for the 2018 election, state Rep. Rick Martin (R-Newberry) filed for a second term in the South Carolina House of Representatives.

“Since you placed your trust in me two years ago, it has been the greatest honor of my life to serve you in the South Carolina House of Representatives,” Martin said in a statement. “Today, I officially filed for re-election, because I am fully committed to the people of Newberry County, and I hope to continue to be your voice in Columbia. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

Since his election in November 2016, Martin has hailed tax reform, Second Amendment defense, and spoofing protection as significant legislative achievements. In January of last year, Martin introduced a property tax reform bill aimed at preventing counties from assessing agricultural property at a different ratio unless a change of use occurs. The bill passed the House unanimously in March 2017, and currently resides in the Senate Finance Committee.

Martin is also one of 53 representatives sponsoring constitutional carry legislation designed to allow anyone not specifically prohibited by law from carrying a concealable firearm to do so legally without requiring a permit. The bill, introduced by Rep. Mike Pitts (R-Laurens), passed the House in April 2017, and currently resides in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

In December, Martin introduced a bill, the South Carolina Telephone Privacy Protection Act, to combat call spoofing in the state. Sponsored by a bi-partisan group of 22 other legislators, the act targets out-of-state telemarketers who use South Carolina area codes and numbers, even hijacking individual citizens’ numbers, on the recipient’s caller ID. The bill makes it illegal for a telemarketer to use a S.C. area code unless they maintain a physical presence in the state, and provides for enforcement and penalties. The bill passed the House on Mar. 8, and is currently awaiting a third reading before being sent to the Senate.

Martin represents Newberry County in the South Carolina House of Representatives, and currently serves on the House Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environmental Affairs. He resides in Newberry with his wife, Fran, their four daughters, and two foster children.